Apple Season Is Here!!!

The season is coming to a end, but we still have Granny Smiths available!



- A very sweet apple full of flavor. one of the best eating apples. can also be used for making sweet applesauce.

Granny Smith

- A tart green apple, mainly used for baking. still holds is crispiness even after baking.

Golden Delicious

Red Delicious

- A sweet easy to eat apple. can also be used for baking and making many other apple products.

- A semi-sweet apple that is good for eating. also is a very good for making applesauce.

U-pick apples

Currently No entry fee

$3.00 per pound for U-Pick apples

How to pick

when picking apples please treat the trees with care. Twist the apple, while gently pulling to release the apple from the stem. Be aware of clusters around the apple you are picking to help us minimize waste!


We strive to provide a safe and family friendly environment. Please help us by avoiding any climbing on the trees, throwing of apples and discarding apples on the ground. Please be sure to watch your step in the orchard!